Rustic, naturally , cozy : the landhausstie

Everyone likes it cozy. Not only in their own homes, but also in the restaurant, when you meet for a meal with family, friends or acquaintances. For a particularly feel-good atmosphere means provides country-style rooms.

Especially in breweries, host cellars, wine bars or restaurants with home-style cooking that body style is often used. It is precisely there is a quaint, cozy atmosphere that radiates at the same time-to-earth, great demand.

Wood instead of plastic and steel

The country style is characterized primarily by one thing: naturalness. Therefore predominantly natural materials such as wood, rattan, stone, ceramic and clay are used-plastic elements and steel structures are taboo. Cabinets, chests of drawers, tables and chairs made ​​of wood form the core of this style. Serve with upholstered furniture made ​​from natural colors and leather sofas and armchairs. Even corner seats can be used just fine. They not only provide a convenient space but also create a cozy sitting areas for your guests. The Wood-type series of GO IN stands for a rustic country style, modern interpretation.

Natural instead of bright colors

Archaic style in the dining room with stone wall and simple HolzmöbelnDie stone wall highlights the cozy room atmosphere and fits well with the simple wooden furniture. Wood works best in front of a calm, neutral background. So its natural beauty comes into its own. If you want to accentuate your walls to whites as “clotted cream” and “Old Paper” or pastel shades like lilac offer. This rooms are not only larger, but also brighter and friendlier. Alternatively, make clay plaster or wood paneling well on your walls. The latter however, you should only use sparingly so that no “sauna ” effect.

Archaic is currently very fashionable. This simple furniture is connected from natural materials with solid elements such as a bare stone wall or gehaktem and stacked against the wall of wood-a real eye-catcher!

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