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Treating Extravasation Injuries

The many papers on this subject present a diversity of views but there is not enough consensus to formulate an algorithmic approach to treatment based on the physicochemical properties of the groups of agents or to predict which cases may progress to significant tissue necrosis. The following information is based on current available evidence. Units are advised to formulate a policy to deal promptly with extravasation which is relevant to the drugs and infusates used regularly.

To view the West Midlands Regional Chemotherapy Services extravasation treatment protocol, formulated by St. Chad's Unit, City Hospital, Birmingham UK, click here

To view details of David Gault's 'flush-out' technique, please click here

Heat and Cold                                                                       


These have been used on the principle that:



These have been used to reduce inflammation



Some of these are recommended by the drug manufacturers.



Indications for surgical excision of the extravasated area:


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